Frequently Asked Questions about Music Together® Online

1. What are the benefits of the online semester?

a. We all know how important routine and ritual are to our children. By participating in our virtual semester, you are offering your children a sense of comfort and normalcy in a time when the arc of their days and weeks has changed dramatically. As evidence of this, we have received countless videos and pictures of children enthralled by the mini music class videos and participating fully with their teachers online. Because these sessions are recorded, there is the added benefit of being able to play them over and over, something children in early childhood relish. Your online teacher soon becomes an extra family member. Seeing a familiar face, hearing a familiar voice and exploring beloved activities several times a week offers comfort and knowledge that those loved activities still exist even while participating in the comfort and safety of your own home.

b. Your child will still be receiving the many benefits of an in-person class at Music & Me. What are those benefits? Our program supports your child’s language, cognitive, motor, and musical development through playful interaction that is developmentally appropriate for their ages. The added benefit? Your role as primary teacher is amplified when you play at home together as is the bond you strengthen through making music together.

2. What will my family experience in online Music & Me classes? 

You will receive two mini sessions per week, one recorded video and one live class on Zoom. These sessions will use the curricula and music in our seasonally changing semesters. Because each mini is roughly 20-30 minutes long - the best length for online engagement with children in our age range - a regularly lengthed in-person class will be spread out over two online classes each week and will encompass all our normal weekly in-class activities including song, movement and instrument play.

The live Zoom classes afford your children the opportunity to interact live and in person not only with their teacher but with other families learning at home too. At Music & Me, we believe it is part of our mission to help families develop a sense of community with one another. Luckily that's even more possible in this digital age than it ever has been before!

3. How will I get my music and educational materials?

We will schedule a trunk drop for families to drive by the studio and receive their hard copy materials. Following that, you will download the app, Hello Everybody, for Music Together and Rhythm Kids students, or Bandcamp if you are taking Canta y Baila. Once done, you will then download your music into the app using the code printed on the inside cover of your book. 

Once you've created an account for Hello Everybody, Music Together/Rhythm Kids families will have access to the Family Music Zone on Canta y Baila families will have access to The Playground on Each provides additional educational material and support to families. 

Finally, each week families will receive an email with further educational information that helps explain more about how their child is learning through music and what you, as the grownup, can do to support their development.

4. Will the whole semester be online or will we go back to the studio at some point?

For now, we plan to offer online and outdoor content through the spring. At some point we may feel confident offering an in-person experience inside and we will certainly offer you the opportunity to have that experience if that's what you prefer to do, but only when we know it is safe to do so. 

5. Are you offering discounts medical workers?

Yes! If you are a medical worker treating potentially exposed patients in person, you can receive 20% off your normal tuition as a thank you for taking care of our community through this crisis. Please email me directly to receive your discount.

I hope this helps you to understand what you can look forward to this semester. If you have questions, please contact me

Meanwhile, stay healthy and keep on singing!

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